Hypothetical Interviewer: Hey there, fellas! Welcome back to “The Hypothetical Show!”
- (Hypothetical Audience shouts, claps.)
- HI: Here with me I have, once again, “Me.” Your name won’t stop baffling me, mister!
- “Me”: I apologize for that.
- HI: But that’s why we’ve got brackets, right?
- “Me”: Someone had to use them.
- HI: “You”?
- “Me”: “’Me.’”
- (Hypothetical Audience giggles, mockingly.)
- HI: So let us talk about your hometown, Curitiba. They say it’s Brazil’s “Model City.”
- “Me”: I agree.
- HI: Do you?
- “Me”: Yes.
- HI: I shouldn’t use brackets then?
- “Me”: Not at all.
- HI: Do you like Curitiba?
- “Me”: Yes.
- HI: You were a bit critical of other major Brazilian cities, though.
- “Me”: That’s correct.
- HI: Curitiba is really that better?
- “Me”: Yes.
- HI: What’s the best part of it?
- “Me”: They say it’s cold.
- HI: Is it?
- “Me”: No.
- HI: The drunk artist wannabe thing.
- “Me”: Our fella was trying to sketch a pristine European retreat covered in snow.
- HI: But ended up with Curitiba instead.
- “Me”: That’s correct.
- HI: Why would someone visit Curitiba?
- “Me”: You can really listen to your heart.
- HI: Wow!
- “Me”: There are two million human souls, but past ten the only sound you’ll hear will come strictly from you.
- HI: Your thoughts and heartbeat?
- “Me”: Yes. Thoughts and hearts.





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