the planets. earth

- VERHEIDEN: If I recall correctly, Earth is also missing from your collection.
- FORHEISER: She’s too complicated.
- VERHEIDEN: Why is Earth female.
- FORHEISER: Well, there’s life in her.
- VERHEIDEN: Indeed.
- VERHEIDEN: Maybe too much.
- FORHEISER: Like I said, too complicated.
- VERHEIDEN: Sinuous.
- FORHEISER: Changing, swingin’ back and forth.
- VERHEIDEN: Unpredictable.
- FORHEISER: You’re getting it, man!
- VERHEIDEN: Not at all.
- FORHEISER: What not?
- VERHEIDEN: Why a male chauvinist, like you, would refuse Earth.
- FORHEISER: Chau-what?
- VERHEIDEN: Excessively proud of being male.
- FORHEISER: Like I said, too…
- VERHEIDEN: You wanted her.
- FORHEISER: I didn’t.
- VERHEIDEN: You desired her.
- FORHEISER: Talk to talk, man!
- VERHEIDEN: But it was sold-out.
- FORHEISER: (Silence.)
- VERHEIDEN: Vanished.
- FORHEISER: (Deep silence.)
- VERHEIDEN: Do you feel lonely looking at your walls, Mr. Heiser?
- FORHEISER: Neptune’s there, man.
- VERHEIDEN: Neptune?
- FORHEISER: Earth is missing, yea, she was long gone, ’cause everybody loves her, everybody needs her; but I snapped Neptune instead.
- VERHEIDEN: You reached the Wizard.
- FORHEISER: Like the sea, man, but in the sky, then on my walls.
- VERHEIDEN: All around you.
- FORHEISER: All over you.
- VERHEIDEN: You may have a point in there.





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