vancouver, br

- Hypothetical Interviewer: Hey there, fellas! Welcome back to “The Hypothetical Show”!
- (Hypothetical audience shouts, claps.)
- HI: So let us talk about Vancouver.
- “Me”: Vancouver?
- HI: Right!
- “M”e: I thought this was about Brazil.
- HI: Rumor says you’ve been up dreaming of moving there.
- “Me”: That’s true; still no Brazil, though.
- HI: You will never live there.
- “Me”: We’re going sideways, I’m afraid.
- HI: You won’t even be there.
- “Me”: Is this on script?
- HI: It’s a hallucination, a myth, an idyllic escape of the thing you call “Brazil”.
- (Hypothetical audience laughs.)
- “Me”: You’re shrinking me.
- (Hypothetical audience laughs, louder.)
- HI: So you somehow had to bring it to where you live, where you stand.
- “Me”:
- HI: A construct.
- “Me”: Yes.
- HI: A simulation.
- “Me”: Yes.
- HI: Vancouver.
- “Me”: Vancouver, BR.





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