"write down a positive memory" — July 13, 2021

Max houses a lot of stuffed animals. His precious ones are a grumpy cat, a white rabbit, and a cute smiling elephant. He asks me to tell stories about them before he sleeps, so I’ve given them names. The elephant’s called Tobias. His smiling, cute, cluelessly friendly and overly amicable face just tells me: Tobias. The bunny’s called Roger, because of Roger Rabbit. A memory, perhaps a retrieval of my own. The grumpy cat’s called Felix, from the Felix Legions. Because it just made sense to mix Tobias, Roger, and the Legionnaires. They must make great imaginary friends and feed lots of stories together. Max stares very attentively at the ceiling when he listens about Tobias, Roger, and Felix. I know he can see them somewhere within his childish mind, and for a glimpse our fantasy is real.





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